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Coleman’s postcard from San Sebastian No1

Chris Coleman 2007-08-13 Daily Mail lotura

This time last season I was standing on the touchline at Old Trafford and, after 20 minutes, Fulham were trailing 4-0. I’m hoping for a better start to the new season here in a couple of weeks…

Took my new team to Holland for a pre-season trip this week; we played three games in four days, which wasn’t ideal, but I got to know the players better and we returned in good heart, despite a couple of losses…

It’s frustrating as I’m just learning the language and I’m having three lessons a week, but my messages to the team are having to be translated and that can dilute information…

This is a beautiful part of the world.

Searching for a house but I want a property outside of San Sebastian. It’s too nice and I don’t want to end up thinking that I am here on holiday…

The food here is delicious. Their culture is to eat much later, which hardly helps the waistline. More of this and I’ll end up looking as well as John Toshack!

My old Wales manager was a big influence on me getting the job here and he is revered as an absolute legend at this club; he took them into Europe and that is some feat.

They call him ‘The Mister’ and he is a good friend to turn to when I need some advice…

The players are having to get used to a different approach. Some of them have been a little lackadaisical with their timekeeping and I don’t like that.

I’ve explained this to the senior players and the message has got through. You only need to say it once and that, I hope, bodes well for the future.

Hope your season started well. See you soon…


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